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Tax Deadlines and Tips to Get You Ready for the Upcoming 2020 Tax Season

When the pandemic hit, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) adopted measures to help Canadians cope with the global crisis. To do this, they extended both the deadlines for filing taxes and to make any payments that were owed. The CRA also did not charge penalties or interest on tax returns filed by September 1, 2020.

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What Can I Claim On My Taxes When Working From Home During The Pandemic?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many workforces have shifted from working in an office setting to having employees creating an office at home. This has forced many employees to purchase new furniture and office supplies to continue their job. The question is, can you write off these new expenses on your next tax return? 

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Is It Time To Incorporate Your Small Business?

As a small business owner, chances are you’ve already considered whether or not to incorporate your growing business. With a great number of advantages to doing so, this may seem the smartest decision for your business. As with anything, there could be some disadvantages, too. So how do you know if it’s time to incorporate

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Summer Activities That Can Be Used as Business Expenses

  Summer Activities That Can Be Used as Business Expenses     As business owners and entrepreneurs we are all familiar with the common expenses that can be written off, but have you taken the time to consider that some of your summer activities could also be used? As always, any “entertainment” expenses must follow