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Welcome to the start of our Summer Tax Planning Series! This June, we’re focusing on how individuals and small businesses in Central Ontario can maximize their tax deductions. Understanding what deductions are available and how to properly claim them can significantly reduce your tax liability and boost your financial health.

Explore Common Deductions: 

Many taxpayers miss out on common deductions due to a lack of awareness. These can include:

Home Office Expenses: Especially relevant for freelancers and remote workers, this deduction covers a portion of home-related expenses like utilities and internet, proportionate to the area of the home used for work.

Professional Development Costs: Courses, workshops, and seminars that enhance your professional skills are often deductible.

Business Travel Expenses: For business owners, expenses related to travel for business purposes can be claimed, including mileage, lodging, and meals.

Industry-Specific Deductions

Different sectors have unique deductible expenses. For instance, agricultural businesses can claim specific expenses such as feed and veterinary costs, while tech companies might deduct software licensing fees.

Maintain Impeccable Records

Keeping detailed records is critical. Ensure you save receipts, invoices, and logs to substantiate your claims. Digital tools and apps can help track these expenses in real-time, simplifying the process come tax time.

Seek Professional Insight

Tax laws are complex and change frequently. Consulting with a professional like Keenans Accounting Service can help you identify additional deductions specific to your situation and ensure you’re fully compliant with current laws.

Maximizing your tax deductions requires both knowledge and diligence. By staying informed and meticulous in your record-keeping, you can significantly enhance your financial outcomes.

Are you ready to maximize your deductions this tax season? Keenans Accounting Service is here to help. Contact us at (705) 526-7628 or visit our website https://keenansaccounting.ca/ to learn more about how we can assist you in optimizing your tax returns.