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Tax Time! Self-File or Hire a Professional?

The deadline is quickly approaching! Did you fill out line 150 correctly….what about tax credits, do they apply to you and where do you claim them on your return?  As if life isn’t crazy enough for most of us on a good day, now we have to take time out of our busy schedules to make that April 30,

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Tax Tips for Small Business

As a small business owner, you have the extension available to wait until June 15, 2017 to file your income tax, but did you know that if you have a balance owing it must be paid as of April 30, 2017? Therefore, if you wait until June 15th, you face interest charges on your outstanding

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5 Ways Bookkeepers Can Relax after Tax Season Is Complete

The April 30th tax filing deadline has come and gone and you have survived………WOHOOOOOO! You have put in all those long hours and overtime racking your brain while preparing tax returns for your clients. You may have some last minute stragglers and a few loose ends that need to be done, but now is the

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Importance of Taking Vacation

Summer time is HERE!!!! For many of us that means camping, trips to the cottage or some sort of getaway. The kids are out of school which is always an exciting time for them. Remember back in the day, how as a child, you would count down the days until school ended? Don’t lose sight of