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Do I need to file a tax return?

– If you have tax to pay for the previous year, then yes, you need to file. You can find a list of reasons to file on the¬†Government of Canada Website. Even if you don’t owe any tax, you should file a return to claim a refund, record a credit for the year, to continue

What do bookkeepers do?

– A bookkeeper’s primary job is to maintain accurate financial records. Dealing with personal, business or corporate clients a bookkeeper has a wide variety of tasks such as completing tax returns, generating invoices, handling payroll, assisting with business strategy, etc.

What does it cost to outsource my bookkeeping?

– That depends on what you need. Keenans Accounting Service provides the right tools for the right job. This means that every client is treated as an individual and the services we provide are reflective of that. In short, we’re affordable and can typically work within any budget to get & keep your books on

I’ve just started a business, do I need a bookkeeper?

– Do you have bookkeeping knowledge/experience? If so, do you have ample time to deal with the books? If you answered “no” to these questions, give us a call to talk about the benefits of starting with a bookkeeper for your new business, no matter what size. Even if you answered yes, ask yourself this: