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Starting up a small business can be a daunting task in and of itself. Once you finally have the ball rolling, you’re all set up and ready to go, the biggest hurdle remains. How do you grow your business?


Networking is a powerful tool, and it’s something you have control over. Continuously networking, no matter where you are, is key to a thriving and growing business. But the way to grow your business effectively is through the referrals of your current clients.


Positive word of mouth by satisfied customers provides a genuine sense of sincerity by your clients to possible future clients that can’t be matched by the obvious bias you would have while trying to recommend your own services to a new client.


Referrals are an almost daily part of our lives. With the explosion of contacts we have on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, everyone is asking their friend list open-ended questions, often without time constraints.


Asking for things like:

  • “Where’s the best Chinese food in town?”

  • “Who knows a good tattoo artist?”

  • “I need a good plumber!!! Does anyone know one???”


Just to name a few. Someone’s going to answer these questions with someone they know. Your goal is to be that name. The great part about these questions posed online by people in your community is when they get answered, those answers are up there for good. The question, answer, forever linked together by someone local. It’s effectively free advertising.


The question now remains: How do I maximize referrals?




This should go without saying! If you want people to refer their friends and family, you’ve got to be the best at what you do!


Have INCREDIBLE Customer Service!


Be courteous, be professional, but most importantly, be THERE for your client! Always do everything you can to make sure your client is more than satisfied with the perceived value of your service. Your attitude dealing with them also plays a huge role in how high they’ll think of you. Did you answer all their questions? Did you provide even more answers than they even thought to ask? Make sure they have all the knowledge about you, your service, what they’re getting and how much they’re paying. Transparency is key to getting wonderful referrals. Let’s put it this way – how many of you are looking for a good mechanic?




The tried and true method of hoping you’ll get some good referrals – Just ask at the end of your time together. If you feel you have a great rapport, there’s no harm in asking that your client spread your name around after doing such a great job. Google and Facebook reviews are quick and easy to do.


Referral Circles


The best part about joining a circle is getting all the contacts and referrals in that circle! Partnering with Keenans Accounting Service opens up an entire circle filled with other businesses that can help grow yours, with trusted referrals in areas like real estate, legal, marketing, coaching and everything your business needs to succeed!


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