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Sunny days and soaring temperatures are a sure indication that Summer is definitely here! More some, Summer means lazy days at the cottage and family road trips. For business owners, Summer means that the calendar year is already more than half over and most businesses are already entering their third quarter. For bookkeepers, it means that the hustle and bustle of the busy tax season has subsided and they have more time to concentrate on helping your business grow and succeed. Summer is the ideal time to sit with your bookkeeper and make sure that your business is on track for success!

Michelle McNeilly of Keenans Accounting Service has a passion for planning. Michelle enjoys comparing salaries versus dividends, developing detailed annual plans, and the thrill of landing the bottom line within a few hundred dollars of the original projections. This makes Michelle the ideal choice to help get and keep your business on track.

Is your revenue on par with this same time last year? What could be affecting your current numbers? Has there been a change in your services, your hours of operation or staffing? Michelle can help you analyze and make sense of all of these factors and more.

What are your business goals? Do you want to hire more staff, diversify your offerings, invest in new equipment or training? Michelle can help you plan out how and when to make things happen.

Maybe you don’t have any business goals – Michelle can help with that too! She’ll work with you to advise and consult on your current business situation and readjust your needs as you grow and evolve.

Are you getting ready to retire? Will you sell your business or pass it down to the next generation? How will you maintain service for your current client base? Again, Michelle can help. If you happen to be a retiring bookkeeper, she might even be able to take on some clients for you!

Michelle McNeilly of Keenans Accounting Service specializes in keeping a keen eye on your numbers so you don’t have to. Why not give Michelle a call today and book an appointment to sit down together to review your business’ current situation. Keenans Accounting Service is conveniently located at 512 Hugel Avenue in beautiful Downtown Midland. Find out more about Michelle and Keenans Accounting Service at www.keenansaccounting.ca. Reach Keenans Accounting Service by calling 705-526-7628 or by email at info@hostingpenguin.ca