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Do you have a preteen who isn’t quite old enough to get a summer job but still wants to earn some extra money? If so, we have come up with some suggestions that may help them achieve their goal and start teaching them about the responsibility of having a “real” job.


This can be a great option that not only earns your child money but also helps out other parents that are in need of childcare. Many communities offer babysitting courses that can teach your preteen what they need to know when it comes to caring for a child. Having your preteen try their first gigs with family or friends is a good way for them to gain experience and build references for other potential jobs. As parents, we often look to one another to recommend sitters and word of mouth can be the best way to get your name out there.

Pet Care Services

Offering pet care services such as dog walking while a neighbour is at work or pet sitting a friend’s cat while they are on vacation is an easy way to begin learning responsibility. One thing you will want to remember, if this option appeals to your child, is that it may not be a good idea for younger or smaller kids to take on larger or difficult dog breeds.

Garage Sale

Holding a garage sale can be a lot of fun and has the potential to earn your child quite a bit of money, depending on how large of an event they make it. The possibilities are endless. They can ask for donations of unwanted items from family members, clear out any unused items they have of their own, as well as combine it with a bake sale to increase their profits. Let their imagination go wild when it comes to advertising for the event. Posters and signs can be made and hung up in the neighbourhood while Mom and Dad advertise the event on their social media if the kids don’t have their own accounts. You may need to offer suggestions and a little guidance as to how they need to organize their sale but, for the most part, the decisions should be left to the kids so that they learn valuable lessons on all the hard work that goes into having a successful garage sale.

Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Providing lawn and garden services can include cutting grass, weeding and watering gardens and even cleaning up after pets. This is a great opportunity to help out seniors or anyone that isn’t able to or doesn’t want to do these tasks themselves. If your older child is considering this, take the time to teach them about lawn mower safety and how to properly use the tools they will need, as well as proper footwear and protective gear.

Encouraging your preteen to start earning their own money is a great way for them to learn about finances and savings. Whatever they decide to do, make sure they have fun doing it!


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