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Summer time is HERE!!!! For many of us that means camping, trips to the cottage or some sort of getaway. The kids are out of school which is always an exciting time for them. Remember back in the day, how as a child, you would count down the days until school ended? Don’t lose sight of how you felt when young and the fun that was had during family vacations. Taking vacation is not only important for making memories with family and friends, but it also helps you rejuvenate, relax, and temporarily forget about the everyday stresses of work.

In order to stay on top of your game at work, and avoid making costly bookkeeping, accounting or mistakes in general, it is imperative to let your body and brain take a break by using vacation time. Many of us don’t take the vacation time we are owed, which can lead to physical and mental exhaustion as well as reduce our productivity at work. Overworking yourself and not taking the break your body needs puts you at risk for getting sick. We all know that stress can take a toll on our bodies, causing potential high blood pressure, increased anxiety and many other health problems. By giving your body and mind that well-earned vacation it deserves, you can actually prevent illness and keep yourself healthier.

I know what you’re thinking…..maybe you can’t go AWAY on vacation, but holidays don’t need to be a trip somewhere. Staycations have become just as popular. Pack a picnic and go to the local beach for a day, play tourist in your home town by window shopping, finish that book you started months ago. The list of possibilities is endless. As long as you are away from work, doing something YOU enjoy, you will be surprised how much better you will feel. A vacation from work means no emails, texts or quick little calls from the office. Put on that auto reply and forget about it.

It’s understandable in this day and age that some people worry if they take vacation time, they may miss out on something important like a promotion or a company incentive. More employers seem to be realizing the benefits of encouraging their employees to take time off and how happy employees increase moral in the workplace which in turn increases performance. If a full week or two is just not an option for you than consider using vacation time to have long weekends during the summer. There are many different ways vacation time can be used, so don’t be afraid to explore your options.

Loosen that tie…..kick off those heels…..sit back with your feet up and let the vacation begin!

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